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Preparing Artwork for Screen Printed Transfers

What software applications can I use to create my artwork?

If you're familiar with creating digital artwork we recommend using any common graphics editor including Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, or Photoshop.

What type of artwork do I need to send to you?

We can accept most digital file formats including AI, JPG, GIF, PSD, PDF, TIF, and EPS. To provide you with an excellent quality print we need a vector file that follows our art requirements found here. Our art guidelines are essential for a successful print that will not lose details when printed. If you decide to proceed with art that does not meet our art guidelines, we cannot be held responsible for the outcome of the printed transfers.

How much does it cost to have you prep my artwork for printing?

Our graphic designers are here to assist you with getting your artwork ready for production. For orders under $299, we charge a set up fee of $19.95. Any order over $299 will have the set up fee waived. If you submit artwork that requires extra attention like a bitmap or photo, no worries, our designers can still create an amazing layout for you. However, additional fees may apply (starting at $10). All services include up to 1 free revision. Additional revisions are accepted for an additional $10+ fee. The $299 total does not include shipping fees and cannot be calculated by combining individual jobs/layouts.

What is an Art Conversion Fee?

If you submit photo or bitmap artwork and are printing with spot colors, we will need to convert your artwork to vector format to insure that your transfers look amazing. This service starts at $10. When you sub it your quote, we will determine if this is necessary and the fee will be shown on your final quote. Below is an example of a conversion to the vector format.

When I reorder, do I have to pay a set-up or art conversion fee?

The set-up and art conversion fees do not apply to reorders of the same design/layout. In the case that you need changes to a design/layout we did for you in the past, an set-up fee of $19.95 will apply if your job total is less than $299. The $299 total does not include shipping fees and cannot be calculated by combining individual jobs/layouts.

What is a vector file?

Art made up of paths which are defined by points, lines and curves and represented by mathematical equations. Vector art can be scaled to any size and retain its sharpness and detail at no loss in quality. EPS, PDF , AI , CDR (X5 , version 15 or lower) are the vector formats we accept. However, a file with that extension is not necessarily a vector file. We would have to inspect it and confirm.

Do you have instructional videos to help me understand your guidelines?

Yes, we have a large selection of help videos to assist you in preparing your files. View all Help videos

How long will it take for me to receive my order after art approval?

We normally ship orders 1-3 business days after approval of artwork. We offer some rush services upon availability.

How long does the proofing process take?

Depending on the quality of the digital artwork you provide us, we normally send you a proof within 1-2 business days after receiving your order. You can learn more about our art requirements here.

Will I get to see a proof before my order prints?

We provide a proof file for all custom orders. If any changes are needed, you are responsible to request them on the page provided for art approval, and we will notify you of any art revision fees that may apply. To avoid any additional art revision fees, please ensure that you provide us with the correct information that applies to your design before proceeding with the order (e.g. correct text spelling, colors, sizes, etc).

How many colors can you print?

We can print up to 4 colors (depending on the colors) per design for our VibraTrans and EasyTrans products. If you have 4 color process artwork we recommend our ColorTrans product which allows us to print an unlimited number of colors.

What colors are available?

Click here to view our ink colors.

Does the amount of colors I choose affect the price?

Yes, for our VibraTrans and EasyTrans transfers, the price is based on the number of colors in your design and the quantity of transfer sheets you're ordering. Information on pricing can be found here.

What do I do if the file that I create is very large?

We can accept files up to 10MB. If you're file is larger than this please contact us and we'll make other arrangements for receiving your file(s).

What resolution should I scan at for Full Color Printing?

We recommend providing a file that is at least 300 DPI (dots per inch) when viewing your artwork at 100% of its printing size.

Do I need a vector file for a rhinestone or sequin transfer?

We do not require a vector file for these types of transfers. A clean, legible file is all that is required.

Can I use licensed or copyrighted images?

When producing a transfer design that is either trademarked, uses licensed properties and/or is copyrighted by someone other than yourself, we assume that you have obtained legal permission and could provide legal documentation confirming that you have the right to reproduce the design. We have the right to decline any design that is copyrighted or trademarked in which proper legal documentation cannot be provided. Using professional, college or corporate licensed images with the intent to profit off the identity requires a license and is illegal without it.

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Gang & Sheet Size

Please Note: Gang Sheets can only be applied to Screen Printed transfers (Vibratrans, Easytrans, and Colortrans).

What is a gang sheet?

A gang sheet refers to printing multiple designs on the same transfer sheet. We print on 12”x 12” and 12.75" X 19" sheets and we can often print several designs on the same sheet or different designs on that sheet for the same price. Keep in mind that all designs on the sheet must share the same color scheme. We do not charge extra for ganging your design on the same sheet which can save you a lot of money. To see how many designs you can gang on a sheet, click here.

What is the size of the sheet you print on?

We print on 12.75" X 19" sheets and we can gang up several images on the same sheet as long as measurements allow it.

How do you determine the number of transfer imprints that can be placed on the same sheet?

Measure the width and height of your design and find the corresponding sizes on the ganging chart we offer on our site. We will do the gang sheet for you, but you can also provide the layout to us.

Can I put a variety of designs onto one sheet?

You can add as many designs as you can fit on our 12.75" X 19" sheets. The price will be determined by the number of colors on the sheet for EasyTrans and VibraTrans products, therefore you may want to gang several designs with the same color scheme to save you money.

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What type of custom transfers do you offer?

We offer a variety of transfer types depending on what type of material you're printing on. For a complete list and explanation of each type of transfer, click here.

I need to print on dark shirts, what is the best transfer type for me?

For designs with spot colors we recommend our EasyTrans product. EasyTrans can be applied to all colored garments.

I have to print on light shirts, what is the best transfer type for me?

For designs with spot colors we recommend our VibraTrans product. It has a lighter hand than our EasyTrans product and is the ideal application when printing on white or very light garments.

I need to print on vinyl, what is the best transfer type for me?

We currently do not offer a transfer type that will work on vinyl materials.

How long do your transfers last when printed on a garment?

Garments decorated with our transfers will last as long or longer than a typical screen printed garment. For maximum longevity we recommend you wash garments printed with transfers inside out.

What is the shelf life for your products?

We recommend using our transfers within 6 months of production. We cannot put an exact time period on the shelf life of our transfers as many factors can determine the length of time your transfers will last. Factors include: product type, number of colors, specific colors (certain colors last longer than others), the environment in which the transfers are stored, etc. Using the transfer within 6 months will ensure that you will have a successful print and the printed garment will last through numerous washes.

Do you offer stock design transfers and/or transfer paper?

We offer over 12,000 stock design transfers as well as a huge selection of transfer papers at our parent company Pro World. You can learn more about these products here.

Where do I go to purchase a heat transfer press?

Our parent company Pro World offers the industry's largest selection of heat presses and often offers many at special promotional prices. You can learn more about our heat presses here.

Why should I consider using transfers instead of screen printing or other forms of garment decoration?

If you want to do your own printing with your own heat press and/or you don't want to print all your garments at once, transfers are the ideal solution. Often times it is also less expensive to print with transfers. You can inventory your custom transfers and print shirts only when your customer requests. Our transfers are screened onto the transfer sheet using an almost identical technique to screen printing so the end result on the printed garment is virtually the same as a typical screen printed garment.

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What application instructions should I use for my transfers?

You can find a complete selection of transfer application instructions found here. We also provide the instructions on a sticker attached to your package of transfers. The instructions provided are general, and they may need to be adjusted for your individual heat press. We strongly suggest you test one of your designs on the product and material you intend using for your job. Please note that a complete test includes washing and drying the garments a few times once printed. PW Custom is not responsible for any product that to which you have applied our transfers.

Review & Test Your Transfers

After you receive your order you should always review and test your transfers immediately. Check the colors, quality and quantity. You have 10 days (starting on the day you receive your order) to contact us with any problems, so be sure to test your transfers as soon as you get them. We cannot be responsible for any issues after 10 days. PW Custom is not responsible for any product to which you have applied our transfers.

Is pre-pressing my shirts necessary?

It's always a good idea to pre-press your garment for a few seconds prior to applying our transfer. This helps remove any wrinkles and moisture and creates a better printing surface.

Can I print my transfer over a seam?

No, your transfer will not adhere to the garment properly and will ultimately crack if you print over a seam.

How do I know whether a transfer is cold or hot peel?

Most of our transfers are hot peel. We have a complete selection of transfer application instructions found here.

What do I do if my wash test is cracking?

Increase your temperature to 350°F and apply heavier pressure. Also make sure your transfer is being applied to a smooth even surface. To ensure you have the right adjusted setting, repress the test shirt by covering with a non stick sheet and wash again. This should seal the current cracks and resolve the issue. Use these new settings for the remainder of your transfers.

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How do I order?

Submit a quote by going here. We'll respond to you in lightning fast speed and provide you pricing and the next steps for submitting your order. Your can view your Dashboard at any time to see what status your order is in. We cannot take quotes or orders over the phone.

Can I rush my order?

We offer rush services upon availability. Possible turnaround times will be discussed with your customer service rep. It is your responsibility to upgrade the shipping method when using our online checkout process. We cannot make any changes to a custom order once it is submitted.

How long does art approval take?

After we receive confirmation of your order, you can expect an art approval from us within 1-2 business days. A proof file is provided for every custom order; this includes reorders. Customers are responsible for reviewing the art, and the order details carefully (product type, spelling of all text within art, colors, sizes, quantities, etc). Once an order is completed we cannot accept ANY changes.

When will my order ship?

  • Screen Printed Transfers (Vibratrans, Easytrans, and Colortrans)

    Any orders that are approved and completed by 3 pm ET on a business day, will print and ship within 1-3 business days (excluding holidays and inclement weather days). Please check with a customer service representative for turnaround time around holidays. Rush services can be accommodated upon availability (additional charges will apply).

  • Rhinestone Transfers

    After you approve your artwork we normally ship your order within 2 weeks. There is no rush service available for rhinestone transfers.

  • Sequin Transfers

    After you approve your artwork we normally ship your order within 3-4 weeks. There is no rush service available for sequin transfers.

What is the minimum order?

  • Screen Printed Transfers (Vibratrans, Easytrans, and Colortrans):

    Most of our transfer types have a minimum order requirement of 10 sheets. Our Easytrans offers a very low minimum order of only 5 sheets. Go here to see all pricing and quantity discount breaks.

  • Rhinestone Transfers:

    There is a 25 piece minimum for custom rhinestone transfers.

  • Sequin Transfers:

    There is a 50 piece minimum for custom sequin transfers.

Can I cancel my order?

Once a custom order is processed for printing, we can not accept any changes, cancellations or returns. This includes changes to the shipping method and/or address that was selected during checkout. Any changes to the artwork must be requested before the order is approved and paid for. During checkout, you can modify the quantity of sheets you would like to order. If you decide to cancel an order after the deposit is made, you will forfeit your deposit.

Can I return my custom transfers?

Custom transfers can not be returned or refunded. If there is a quality issue with your transfers, please contact us via email at along with photos of the problem.

Review & Test Your Transfers

After you receive your order you should always review and test your transfers immediately. Check the colors, quality and quantity. You have 10 days (starting on the day you receive your order) to contact us with any problems, so be sure to test your transfers as soon as you get them. We cannot be responsible for any issues after 10 days. PW Custom is not responsible for any product to which you have applied our transfers.

Does the Shipping Cost Include Brokerage or Custom Fees for International Orders?

No, these fees are additional and collected by the shipping company when your order is delivered. We are not responsible for any import duties or other taxes that you may incur.

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Recommended Shirt Types

How do you know what shirt type to use?

Choosing the right material depends on the project, the design process, and the expected result. Screen printing results can vary from material to material. 100% cotton tends to be a heavier and denser material, and people prefer it because of its incredible softness. Many t-shirt designers caution against using 100% ringspun cotton because of the fuzzy texture; it can give the image a faded or worn appearance after numerous washes. It's important to treat 100% cotton products with care because they can easily over-stretch and lose the original shape.

Many consumers prefer 100% cotton t-shirts, however, heavyweight 50/50 polyester-and-cotton-blend t-shirts are also becoming more popular again due to their affordability and durability. T-shirts made of a blended material tend to be more lightweight, durable, and they wrinkle a lot less.

All in all, 100% cotton garments work best for screen printing. They're less susceptible to dye migration (commonly referred to as bleeding) and they're generally easier to work with. Dye migration occurs most often in 50/50 blends or other blends, because the ink changes when it's heated during the printing process and fails to retain its original appearance. There is a way to print your logo on many types of material, and no matter which type you prefer, make sure that you understand the pros and cons of each fabric.

What materials do your products work on?

A complete list of the materials you can print on can be found here. Any materials not appearing on this list should be tested as we cannot be responsible for the outcome.

Can I apply the transfers to a sweatshirt?

Since sweatshirts are thicker and contain more moisture, it is recommended to adjust your settings. Increase your temperature to 350°F and use heavy pressure. You may also find it helpful to use a perfect pad under the sweatshirt in the area where the transfer will be. This will allow large seams and pockets to not interfere with the smooth even surface needed for your transfer.